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Thank you

lord jesus you are AMAZING!

I just have no words to describe. Lord I praise you and I THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING you have given me. I want to weep because I feel so blessed lord. Thank you for every opportunity you have given me, thank you for the strength and the peace you have given, and thank you for guiding me and never leaving my side ....even when I thought you where not there.

YOU LORD are my everything. I praise you....and I give my life to you 100%

guide my way, guide my footsteps, and lay down the road ...with the strong foundation and golden bricks you want me to walk upon.

every person I come in contact with this year...please let me leave some sort of impression on them....a smile, an uplifted spirit, let me ease their heart and use me to show the light of you through me.

I pray for my family, they love me unconditionaly and have supported me more then what i ever had imagined. i would be nothing without them. lord i ask you to bless them and enrich their lives completly.

lord show me the way to use this title. i will not let you down. i want to do good and live every day of my life with purpose.

show me the way.

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